💥 Boom! Gusher announces our new Champion Affiliate program
Start your startup
We're looking for someone special, someone who thinks differently, someone who is one of us. You see the big picture and you know how to get "there". Yes, you eat, breathe, and live Startups. That's a given. But you also know how to research, plan, and execute better than the rest. Creating, and giving birth to new ideas is your true love. And it's what we do all day every day. Because you see...we're changing the world...in a big way. Are you up for it? Then apply now and give us a reason to meet.
The following goals must be reached to get awarded with 1% equity of Gusher Co. when launched.
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Investment
  • Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Startups
  • Team Building
  • 1% equity for this role
  • 44 days left to fill this role