💥 Boom! Gusher announces our new Champion Affiliate program


1% equity
Modular, multi-tool pickup-truck tailgate workbench
This is a down and dirty, hands-on, senior-level role. Success in this role is demonstrated by growing B2C customer acquisition and sales as a relentless revenue growth driver. We're looking for someone special, someone who thinks differently, someone who is one of us. You see the big picture and you know how to get "there." 
The following goals must be reached to get awarded with 1% equity of TAILHAND when launched.
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business
  • Collaboration
  • Lead
  • Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Lead Generation, Marketing Communications/PR, Channel Marketing, Digital Marketing (Including Web/App Development, SEO, PPC and Social Me
  • growth marketing
  • 1% equity for this role
  • 32 days left to fill this role