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TailHand® was born out of a real-world experience that almost cost the founder his leg.

Working from the tailgate of a pickup truck, without an extra hand, is imprecise, inefficient, and dangerous. 

Pickup truck users need a stable and reliable way to work directly from their tailgate that improves their productivity and safety.


TailHand transforms your tailgate into a reliable and highly versatile mobile workstation that enables pickup truck owners to use their tailgate to get more work done smartly, safely, and efficiently, from anywhere, with confidence and precision.


Unique product concept, addressing a recognized need

  • ZERO products like TailHand exist on the market 

Multiple relevant distribution channels available

Sizeable and growing market

  • 12.2M Pickup trucks sold each year in the U.S. and many with built-in cargo bed power source 
  • $12B spent annually by pickup truck owners on specialty parts/accessories
  • $950B projected global pickup market value by 2030

Significant partnering and cooperative opportunities

Tremendous equity potential

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • DIY
  • Building Construction
  • Tools
  • Trucks