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Nov 16, 2022 ·1 min read


YOU ARE A _____

Being a founder, an entrepreneur, a business creator, is quite possibly the most difficult path to take in life. It can be isolating, lonely, and absolutely brutal at times. 

And occasionally, during those times are when they reach out to me. So what do you say to a founder that's on the edge? What are the right words to say during these moments of doubt? How do I help a founder to bridge that gap and get back on the right road?

It's four magical words. And here's how it goes.

You are a God. got that? You are a God. You create something out of nothing. You bring ideas to life. You make the impossible possible.

You are a God. You paint the canvas your way. You pull rabbits out of your ass. You destroy catch 22s. Daily.

You are a God. You find a way or make a way. Every damn time. You willingly jump into the furnace. And come out the other side. Harder maybe. Better? Definitely. And most importantly, you never give up. Never.

Remember who you are. And what I normally say is the person's first name with an expletive and then their last name. You are Colin Fucking Buckley you are Gregg Fucking Bieser. You are Chris Fucking Joyce. 

And don't you dare forget it.

You're a god. Now go be a god.

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