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Gusher connects you with talent, together you create and build your company.
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No investors needed.
Gusher is powered by performance-based equity.

The founder creates the pitch, defines the team roles and their equity awards.


Talented people apply to the equity-based roles, the founder selects the best.


When all goals have been met the founder awards the equity and launches the startup.

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You work hard. Now work smart with Protocols!

Choose a Protocol that fits your business from 45+ battle-tested guides built by entrepreneurs who've passed this way, delegate tasks, and track progress. Stop reinventing the wheel, adopt the experience of successful businesses - for free!

Forget the blank page-start with proven strategies and make them yours.

This is our free investment in your business.

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Learn how Founders make it happen.


Founders, Rebels, and Underdogs changing the world!
Gregg Bieser
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Gusher has helped in so many ways. It works!
Gregg Bieser
Michael Ruhs
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It enables people with great ideas to get their product to market
Michael Ruhs
Colin Buckley
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It gave me the ability to have a place where we were a real company before we were a real company.
Colin Buckley
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