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What is Gusher?

Gusher helps companies launch using performance-based equity. Everything from technology, media, and health to design, finance, and gaming.

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Gusher Basics:

A Startup is a company with a clear vision that you want to bring to life.

A Founder is the initial person or team that creates the Startup on Gusher.

An Entrepreneur is a person who works on the Startup in exchange for equity in the startup.

The Equity Award is the percentage of equity an entrepreneur earns in the startup.

The Equity Share Agreement or ESA is the agreement that covers what everyone is going to do and how much equity they will have in the startup.

Roles are positions that are available in the startup. Entrepreneurs can apply or be recruited for roles.

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How does Gusher work?

There are 4 basic steps:

Create a startup: Each startup is independently created by the Founder behind it. The founders have complete control and responsibility for their startup. Founders create the startup pitch, detailed plans, they define the roles needed for the team and the type of team needed to get the Startup off the ground, and the equity awards that go with them.

Recruit a Team: Talented people are recruited by the Founder or apply to join a startup at the earliest stage. The Founder approves the best applicants.

Develop: Once the team is in place, work begins on bringing the company to life by developing the first version or prototype, proof of concept, minimum viable product, or first generation.

Launch: When all goals have been met by the team members the Founder approves the equity awards and launches the startup.

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What is Gusher for?

Gusher is exclusively to create Startups, to create companies, and to launch them. Without money. Without investors. Highly talented people join your startup in exchange for performance-based equity. Gusher is for anyone with a great idea that wants to start a company and needs the expertise of others to help bring it to life.

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Why do people use Gusher?

Gusher provides a simple, easy to use, way of getting a startup launched.

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What is Performance-Based Equity?

People join startups and work on individualized goals in exchange for equity in the startup. Goals are typically shorter term projects that are worked on and help the team launch the startup.

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Transparency: How do I know a founder or entrepreneur is who they say they are?

In the Profile section is relevant background information, links to websites, social networks, and other information. Verified Profiles have a verified checkmark and went through a Gusher process to verify identity. The best way to know a person is to interact with them, talk with them, and video with them. Spend the time needed with a potential entrepreneur or Founder before agreeing to work together to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone.

Companies must be verified by providing proof of incorporation and other due diligence requirements before receiving approval to appear on Gusher.

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How do I know the startup will launch?

Gusher is a self-vetting process. Startups self-vet and prove themselves at each stage or they are unable to get to the next stage. For example, if a Founder creates a startup and is unable to get a team, the startup will not move forward to the next stage. Or if a team starts working on a startup and is unable to complete the work the startup will not launch. Not all companies will launch and not all companies should launch. Gusher helps this by being self-vetting.

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What is the approval process to have my startup on Gusher?

We review startups quickly. It’s usually same day but can take up to 48 hours. If there’s issues with your startup we’ll either correct them for you or let you know what’s needed on your side.

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Do all startups get approved to be on Gusher?

Not all startups get approval.

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What are the fees?

If the startup reaches launch stage on Gusher (startup achieves the goals), then Gusher receives 5% equity. If the startup does not launch, Gusher receives nothing. We're in this together and performance based also. And that's the way it should be.

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Are there tax implications for doing a startup this way on Gusher?

There is no special immediate impact from Gushering your startup. But, we highly suggest filing an 83(b) election within 30 days of receiving equity in a startup company.

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How do I receive equity in the startup?

When a startup reaches the launch stage, the founder is responsible for delivering equity directly via online systems like Carta or uploading proof of equity or delivering equity directly to the entrepreneur. Most times this is an electronic or physical stock certificate or stock ledger entry. The founder must do this within 7 days of launching.

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What are the requirements to have a company on Gusher?

Founders and Entrepreneurs can be located anywhere but the company must be a U.S. based corporation. It’s inexpensive to form a corporation (less than $100), and is quick and easy to do. If you have questions or need help contact us. There is other due diligence that is done such as identity and company verification and idea validation before a company is approved to be on Gusher.

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What type of commitment is required from an entrepreneur to join a startup?

Most projects require part time effort for a short time frame of 8 to 12 weeks. Entrepreneurs have expertise in their fields and work as part of a team to help bring an idea to life.

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More questions?

Contact us at help@gusher.co or call us at 302-803-5900.

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