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What we believe

We believe in the power of ideas.

We believe great ideas can be born anywhere by anyone.

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  • Chris Joyce

    Christopher Joyce


    Chris is the founder and CEO of Gusher. Chris founded 24 other companies including: Joyce Co., tech and consumer goods startups; Movy, video messaging with users in 153+ countries; Exert, smart body coolant; Uzurp, financial intelligence SaaS, ; O’ So Lo Foods, low carb manufacturer with products sold in over 11,000 stores in 23 countries; Resilere, shareware platform; and Bull’s Eye Software, target marketing and search software.

  • Alexandr Makarov

    Alexandr Makarov


    Alex has founded 3 companies in the high tech and consumer goods sectors including OriginSoft, AsiaDays, and Afishing.

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