💥 Boom! Gusher announces our new Champion Affiliate program

Champion Frequently Asked Questions

A Gusher Champion is someone who champions Gusher. And, TBH, anyone can be a Gusher Champion. If you know someone who is trying to start a business - you can be a Gusher Champion. We are talking about Founders, VC’s, accelerators, incubators, CPA’s, financial advisors, universities, attorneys, private equity firms, insurance companies, businesses, influencers, your next door neighbor. If you know someone who wants to get their business off the ground, refer them to Gusher and then, hey, you’re a Champion!

You get 10% of whatever Gusher gets from the deal. So let’s make it happen, Champ!

You get paid when we get paid. You get paid when Gusher’s equity percentage monetizes in the startup. Whether it’s equity, revenue or anything else - when we get paid, you get paid.

Gusher provides our Champions with a dashboard that highlights their portfolio of companies, the people that were referred and those that have joined Gusher. This dashboard provides Champions with a view of the status and stage of sign up for each company, updated in real time. You can always view all of your referrals and keep track of their progress.

Yes! We ask that you disclose the referral to the Founder you are referring and the Founding Team that works for / with you. That referral relationship has to be 100% transparent to everyone.

As long as they use your custom Champion referral link to join Gusher, you’re covered. Any startup that is started on Gusher using that link will be credited to you automatically. And it will appear in your dashboard.

We don’t allow companies on Gusher that harm people or are illegal. We know that’s a broad statement so this is where Champion’s common sense makes sense. If you are unclear - then just ask us.

Um, well, thanks! That’s so nice of you. You can give them our website: www.gusher.co. And even though you are not part of our Champion program, we still think you’re awesome.

No. Our Champions can pretty much be anywhere geographically. Unless you’re in one of the few places the U.S. can’t do business with right now. You know who you are. And while we’re at it...stop being evil, respect human rights, and do the right thing. That goes a long way. Not you. Your country.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. But we will buy you a protein shake. Because, well, it’s protein. Enough said. See what happens when you read this far down? You get a free protein shake.

Just reach out directly in chat or email help@gusher.co

Refer Companies. Make Bank.
Be a Champion.