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Michael Ruhs




I view myself - and believe others would describe me - as a collaborator who's first concern is others. I work to bring out the best of everyone. As a leader, I view a primary responsibility of mine as one of 'obstacle remover.' I want others to succeed and I take an active role to ensure they do. Others would likely describe me as a good-natured, problem-solver who listens. I believe I'm viewed a nice guy who takes his contributions seriously, but not himself. I see the good in people and the world. I seek to give of myself where I can.  I've always described my work-self to colleagues and others as "a guy trying to get cool stuff done." I'm pretty aspirational and visionary, but, pardon me for saying so, pretty humble. I don't care about titles, hierarchy, ladder-climbing or one-upmanship. What I care about are people, their aspirations and collaboration. I want to produce good. Good in my interactions with others, good work, good solutions and good mistakes. In my career, I want to work with good people who are happy because they care about being good. Beginning with themselves, their thoughts, their motives and how they treat others 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Management
  • CRM
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
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  • Google Analytics
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  • Cycling
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  • iPaaS
  • abstraction
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