AR experiences suck. They aren’t immersive, they aren’t playable for hours, or they aren’t easy to set up in available spaces. They also tend to be coded for single-use deployments in fixed environments.


We’re creating mixed reality... a modular multi-layer interactive augmented reality framework which will make it easier to scan an environment, deploy interactive elements, and make it “playable” for a wide variety of applications. Basically, we’re building holodecks without the transporter technology.


A foundational technology with entertainment, healthcare, industrial, educational, and civic applications. Our initial proof of concept will be in the entertainment vertical, paired with a next-generation retail experience, and the underlying tech will be reusable across industries.


Charles Beckwith, @FashionTechGuru, is an unparalleled expert on the intersection between the fashion business, media/entertainment, and technology. He came to the fashion business from the film industry in 2005, but retains close ties to media and entertainment. A long time technology enthusiast involved with the global hacker community, he served as the Projects Coordinator and Expo Floor Director for the Hackers On Planet Earth conference for six years, founded the OpenAMD project (tracking HOPE conference attendees with active RFID to highlight its dangers back in 2008), and is one of the founders of CarolinaCon, now in its 16th year. You can find some of his more recent tech writing on Medium. Charles is a strict Secular Humanist who takes "do no harm" very seriously.


This project will require the participation of software and hardware engineers, as well as game designers and hardware fabricators, and people with experience in augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, machine vision, and electronics design and manufacturing.

  • Gaming
  • Retail Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Simulation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts