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Code Vodka

Developers generate recurring revenue from sharing their code with other developers.

Short Summary

Over the course of doing many startups and development projects from the ground up we saw a trend: many sites have code that's freely available. And many times this is a good thing for certain development efforts, such as Open Use projects. Yet we view developers and the code they write as special and not a commodity. Custom code can have a tremendous value for other developers and companies. Custom code and applications can take a substantial amount of time and problem solving and money to create. We believe that developers have the right to monetize their code when others use it. 


Developers typically do not receive any recurring revenue from sharing their custom code with other developers.


codeVodka is a platform for developers to generate recurring revenue from sharing their code with other developers using a paid membership and paid snippet model. Developers get license fees for the use of their code. The platform gets a piece of the revenue for facilitating the process, licensing, and transactions.

The Impact

By providing a way for developers to generate additional revenue from their code, it can be life-changing. The additional revenue could improve quality of life for many. It could provide a way for more rapid development of projects across the globe, it could create a higher quality of development and make projects better and less costly, and it can impact people everywhere in every walk of life from the trickle down effect of these development projects.


There are more than 21 Million software developers across the globe. Some estimates put it as high as 50 Million. Either way, there's a lot of developers and a lot of demand for code. We expect the market to continue growing very rapidly as every part of our lives continues to be influenced by tech and software development. 

Business Model

codeVodka will act as a bridge connecting developers with other developers and facilitate the licensing, use, and payment for software snippets and code. There will be monthly subscription and direct purchase options. Code is available for immediate use and developers receive payments same day for any purchases. 

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