💥 Boom! Gusher announces our new Champion Affiliate program


Create custom contests for anything in an easy, simple, intuitive way. 


It's difficult for individuals to run and keep track of contests, competitions, pools and  the participants, outcomes, winners, and payouts.


Hoorah will be an application and platform that allows the creation of custom contests for anything in an easy, simple, intuitive way.  There will be templates or a process with easy selections to customize for just about any type of contest, competition, or pool. It's free to join Horrah and create any custom contest or pool with friends and coworkers. Hoorah will accept payments in and make payments out to winners seamlessly. Hoorah generates revenue from processing payments.  

The Impact

From Biggest Loser weight loss competitions to simple contests with friends to betting pools at the office, people engage in all sorts of contests and small bets of all types. Hoorah keeps the emphasis on the fun and makes it easy to create and track contests, make payments, and distribute payouts with just a few clicks on your phone.


The market is huge and continues to grow. Worldwide Gambling Revenue (formal) is projected to be more than $635 Billion by 2022. Informal gambling or recreational contests or entry type activities are hard to pinpoint with estimates ranging from $100 Billion to more than $750 Billion+ worldwide.  

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