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The first patented wearable device built like a mini private server to securely manage all of your data that you wear on your wrist.

Patented wearable to securely and privately manage data
Developing the first patented wearable device to securely manage all of your data. It’s like a mini private server that you wear on your wrist. You can securely backup your data from any device for both business and personal use. Individuals are aware that their photos, videos, and contacts are not protected. Businesses are afraid that their presentations, documents, and files can be hacked. 

The promise of the ‘cloud’ is not truly private or secure. The only truly secure storage is a device that is not connected over the open internet or cellular network. Our wearable device is only connected to the owner’s phone via Bluetooth or restricted WiFi and cannot be accessed or hacked remotely.The O Wearable device has a unique focus... to protect consumer and business data in any location. 

O Company is creating this wristband, build our brand, a becoming the first mover in the market for secure storage in a wearable format.

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