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The first patented wearable device built like a mini private server to securely manage all of your data that you wear on your wrist.

In a world where we have very little control over our personal data, our freedom is eroded. 

When that data is held on a faraway server by an unaccountable provider, the freedom to own our data, the freedom to keep our privacy, and the freedom to feel secure and protected simply does not exist. What is ours, is no longer only ours and what was once private is now exposed.This leaves us feeling violated, confused, and scared. 

That is why we’ve created O. 

O is the world’s smallest private server put into a wearable device. By wearing our data on our wrist and disconnecting it from insecure networks, we prevent unnecessary access and gain absolute control over our information. 

Unlike any other server, it is sleek, fashionable, and sophisticated.

It’s the most secured and elegant way to store our most private information - it gives us the peace-of-mind to be free again. 

Freedom in Security

Website: www.ominiserver.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OMiniServer

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/o-company/

  • IoT
  • Hardware
  • Privacy & Security
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Government and Military
  • Consumer Applications
  • Private Cloud
  • Data Storage
  • Wearables
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